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Protect your family and property

Electrical upgrades help to ensure that your electrical system is equipped properly so that it can meet the electrical needs of your family, business, or industrial building.


Upgrade the important components before they pose a problem. Get a FREE estimate.

Get the most out of your eletrical system

You can avoid unexpected electrical hazards with proper replacement of an aging system and electrical ugrades when you trust the pros at Lagacy Electric. Let us help you make sure all your electrical wiring is safe - so you can sleep easy at night.

When is it time to upgrade:

 •  Is your panel box making a crackling sound?

 •  Do your fuses blow on a regular basis?

 •  Are you renovating or making an addition?

 •  Are you using many extension cords?

 •  Do you need more outlets or 3 pronged


 •  Are you using the correct amps required?

 •  Do you need GFI outlets installed?

Prevent electrical hazards when

you upgrade and replace

outdated wiring. Call us today.

Over 18 years' experience!

Get a thorough electrical evaluation before problems occur.

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Make sure all of your wiring is

up to code. Keep your electrical system running efficiently.

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